Freshness and natural sophistication in haute couture

Amparo Chordá shows in her work a personal quest for the formal purity and chromatic balance, by elaborating pieces that enhance feminine beauty outside the fashion-imposed standards.

This way she brings outs the woman inner strength turned into pure beauty when cloth contact, a young and contemporary strength that every woman keeps inside.

She has got a free innovative spirit in her designs, timeless feminine elegance, the combination between the dream and magic. Luxury and modernity are two constant factors in her creations that have paraded on the most important catwalks in the world, including New York, Washington DC, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai or Mexico.

In her professional career she has been involved in numerous charity fashion shows such as Asindown, Unicef, Global Fashion NY or United Color NY, and she has been awarded in many occasions with different prizes for her work as a fashion creator.